We have always been thinking that breakfast should be an unforgettable experience and perhaps we did :) when you get up in the morning and arrive at our AMERICAN BUFFET BREAKFAST you can find over 170 different products and as soon as we find a new one we immediately introduce it in our buffet, of course, after tasting it . Some examples? ? High mountain apple juice by KOHL . A selection of cheeses DEGUST , exclusively refined by’ ” The Goldsmith ‘s Milk Hansi Baumgartner”, perhaps together with mustards craft of LE TAMERICI of Mantua or dehydrates fruit by VEBA COOPERATIVE Ferrara . Not to mention the great cheese selection coming directly from the mountain pastures of Sauris refined by Sebastian Crivellaro of MALGA CARNIA , a show of scents and flavors. Fruit at breakfast is very important and therefore we have selected the best MACE ‘. Just a little suggestion : do not sleep too long … you could lose a real treasure of flavors and tastes :)