The only thing that's changed in the hall is the Hall.
It has now become a gallery for young artists whose work you can enjoy.

PAOLO PALLARA - frammenti di nero

Gallery Annunziata
29 MAGGIO 2021 – 29 AGOSTO 2021

Nuove opere di Paolo Pallara all’albergo Annunziata dal titolo “FRAMMENTI DI NERO”
Una pittura che si presenta come un’avventura dello spirito in cerca di ragioni per l’esistenza in una scansione temporale dove la disgregazione dei sentimenti e dei rapporti umani e’ sempre più frequente ed intensa, e in questo sentire trova immagini
che mettono a fuoco momenti fondamentali.
Lacerazioni, colature, graffi, immagini che si aprono in un tempo buio in un confronto fra tempo memoria e tempo destino.
Attese e timori di un altrove non ancora trovato.

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Step into my shoes and follow my bleisure journey :: Nicola Lucchi

Step into my shoes and follow my bleisure journey :: Nicola Lucchi
4 may :: 30 june 2019
gallery Annunziata

Over the last ten years, I have been lucky enough to have traveled extensively for both business and leisure. Along the way, I have enjoyed sharing my experiences on Instagram and connecting with people with similarly diverse passions.
As a business and leisure traveler, my shoes have been always my faithful travel companions. I have realized that they are not only a fashion accessory, an extension of our personality or style; they are also an expression of our way of being. They really can shape and influence the type of day we are going to have. I have also realized that the way I am going to move around the world is often dictated by my shoes.
It’s a myth that shoes are just a female obsession: men also know that every occasion needs the right shoe. Blending business and leisure travel requires to pack shoes that suit more than one type of occasion: trendy, comfortable and light sneakers as well as more formal and sophisticated shoes for business meetings.

This selection of photos is a tribute to my most loyal, patient and helpful travel companions; the ones who never say no when I want to take a picture of them.


#wheresnik #bleisuretravel #andreaventurafirenze #berluti #carshoe #doucals #raparo #rivieras #santoni #trickers #piedaterre_venice #shoeslover #shoesaddict

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Michele Rio on permanent display Annunziata.
In the little free time between exposure and the other, our art gallery dresses with magnificent works of Michele Rio where its colors take possession of the walls of the hall, library room and breakfast room to give you a “mood” of color to your day.

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