Rooms & Suite

27 welcoming rooms and suites, furnished with care and attention to all details, to meet all your needs.

Poltrona Frau, Tisettanta, Artemide, Technogym, just to mention some of the famous brands which have been selected to cooperate with us when we have renovated our hotel.

Do you appreciate luxury? discover our SUITE LOFT … only 130m walking distance from our hotel, located in a 14th century old Palace.

CASTLE VIEW SUITE | CASTLE VIEW SUPERIOR ROOM | SUITE LOFT ANNEX | SUPERIOR ROOM | SUPERIOR ROOM ANNEX | STANDARD ROOM … we have realized 6 different options to satisfy your desires of space and comfort and we really think that, in one of our rooms, you can relax into a stunning atmosphere almost like at home.

For a more private and unique experience we have created only four SUITES LOFT and two SUPERIOR ANNEX at Palazzo Prisciani, a small 14th century building just 130 steps from the hotel. They are designed for those who love space, design and exclusive location. Simpbly you cna think that, in some of these magnificent loft suites, you can enjoy the view of frescoes from the ’300 &’400 century and here, during the renovation, we also found the coat of arms with the eagle of the Estense family … Wow !!! We take it for granted but this was the home of Pellegrino Prisciani, a multifaceted and famous character at the Este court, and here he lived while Christopher Columbus was discovering America. Many years have passed.

…and in the annex building, if you are a fitness lover, you can enjoye our new TECHNOGYM POINT with a Technogym treadmill, a bike and wellness active ball. Stay fit at Annunziata as well!!!

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