Breakfast fiches

Now you can have breakfast at the hotel even if you are not a hotel guest, and you don’t need to be friends with Zeno, Biancamaria, Simona or someone who stays there.

From today the WOW !!! BREAKFAST is also accessible to you.

Having breakfast at the hotel can also be a way to feel like a tourist in your city: it means entering a place that is very different from the usual bars, frequented by local people who have familiar habits and a relationship of acquaintance with the owner of the bar.

Here you sit together with people who come from places you do not know and who make breakfasts in ways that do not expect you: you can have breakfast in the hotel to enjoy the buffet and a much wider offer than at the bar, but also to surprise yourself a bit’.

Why BREAKFAST FICHES ??? simple because in order to have breakfast at the Annunziata you have to come to the hotel to pre-purchase one or more fiches, just like those of the casinos, at the price of € 15.00 per fiches which entitles you to enter the breakfast room for one person. The only thing we ask you is to notify us the day before that you will come so we can increase and adapt our buffet for all our guests and for you too. All here, very simple and functional.