Be smarter Save the Planet

We would like to help you to forget forever about plastic bottles by encouraging everyone to adopt good habits to reduce waste and supporting the environmental purpose.

How ca you do it?

Now at the front office, you will find a still and sparkling water dispenser completely free of charge.  You can drink as much water as you wish but without  consumption of plastic. We will give you the paper cup as a gift, so you can bring as much water to your room as you want. Or you can buy one of our Hotel Annunziata branded water bottles from 24 Bottles for only € 16.00. By purchasing your water bottle it will be with you forever … and the environment will thank you.

-0.08 is the amount of CO2 that you avoid releasing into the atmosphere every time you use your bottle, instead of buying a disposable plastic bottle of water.

Finally, for those who want room service in the minibar they will find a can of WAMI water: by drinking it you will donate 100 liters of water to a family that does not have access to water, a good that is taken for granted for us but is still inaccessible for many. Furthermore WAMI plants trees in Italy []

We think that dumping the word “sustainability” on the ground involves either sacrifices or extra costs and we believe we are on the right way.