Bean to bar by Marco Gruppioni

Marco Gruppioni is a man from another time, even if he is as young as I am.
It is big, with a reassuring face, big hands, but his handshake is delicate in order to measure his strength. He is a good man but in the positive sense of the word. And these great qualities and the passion he has for raw materials has led him to realize his dream, his passion. As you have probably understood, I like telling stories of great dreamers who have realized what they have always dreamed, because they embody the real passion for their job and create things that make you feel happy. It’s enough to talk to them in order to feel good, they are like medicine for the spirit and give you a lot of energy.
Well first Marco created IL TEATRO DEL GELATO where he creates fantastic ice creams, there are few tastes but of high quality. And then he added RUKET a workshop that makes “bean to bar” in chocolate.
These are his words: “Our story is a small, artisan story which is full of quality. It is the story of a shop, which is entirely built with the care of once. It’s a bit like the products we make. Our story is especially the one of a huge passion for natural things.
It is this passion that made us open IL TEATRO DEL GELATO in 2003, in Sant’Agostino, in the province of Ferrara, where every day we prepare fresh, natural, simple ice cream for our customers. In a word, our ice cream is special. It is our passion that has pushed us to go further, trying to reach the origin of taste, to reach the most sublime point of sweet art: chocolate.
It’s an excellent product, which is created through the selection of the best raw materials, a careful processing and artisan care of each small step of the path until the final product. The artisanship of our chocolate is the result of simple but patient workmanship. We use few ingredients, which are highly selected, processed as little as possible to preserve the original qualities of the raw materials. To this, we add a production that respects the necessary to obtain an excellent result. That is how our chocolate is created. ”
It’s 20 minutes from Ferrara but at a click here.