Old radio with wow effect

I have often passed in front of these two shop windows at Bagaro Street, 76. I always looked at them with curiosity because I saw some mahogany pieces of old radio but I always thought it was just a workshop that repaired things. A nice day pushed by curiosity, seizing the opportunity of a free car place in front of the shop windows, I parked and went in. I was immediately overwhelmed by the WOW effect!!! There was a small private museum of old radios where you can still breathe the fragrance of old copper circuits and valves that heat the shell made from precious wood with artisan processing that you seldom find. For those who like it, it is marvellous. The owner is a fantastic man, he has a great passion and he is looking forward to telling his story and his passion to every customer who comes in. Go there!!! Even just to take wonderful photos.