The smell of handmade coffee

Alberto Trabatti is a person to know.
He is the roaster who spreads his inviting in all the city when he turns on his machine in order to turn the green grain into a scented coffee.
The story of his adventure told by himself is the following.
“This factory is born from an open drawer, to release the dream kept there until 2004.
There are feelings, colours, scents, gestures that remain imprinted in our minds when we are children, and at a certain point it’s time to open the drawer in which they are trapped.
Coffee attracts. It is a product that evokes ancient rites, traditions, suggestions of distant countries, rare aromas.
Opening another coffee shop to join the hundreds of coffee shops that already work in Italy with only aim of making money was unimaginable.
I deprived coffee of all the superfluous material to get to the substance of the product and to his dignity. Coffee is treated with respect, carefully chosen to meet the palate and to respect the health of the customers, without using too much caffeine, which is worked optimally to enhance the characteristics of the aroma.
The coffee shop called “Artlife Caffè – Penazzi 1926” was born in 2004 in Ferrara, in Piazza della Repubblica, at numbers 27 and 29, almost in front of the Estense Castle.
It was a sign of fate to open it there, but I don’t believe in the fate any more. From Bologna I have followed the invisible traces of past history, creating the laboratory where Mr. Arrigo Penazzi opened his own in 1926. I was called by Genius Loci to continue a story that had been forgotten since the beginning of World War II. Even if since the 1960s, other proselytes of Penazzi spread the smell of coffee in the area of the coffee shop, it was time to follow Penazzi’s footstemps.
The Bottega del Caffè, as it is known in the collective imagination, proposes you to taste and sells the Cru and the Arabica Mixes, following every working cycle manually. But not only Coffee is handled, but you can also find Specialties of chocolate, Biscuits, Panettoni and colombas (an Italian Easter cake in form of a dove), Wines, Baladin Beers, Rums and Rare Distillates, Pasta, and much more to discover. In short, it is worth visiting it, also because the assortment is often renewed. ”
And the story continues here.