Published on: 7 July 2022


and who would have thought that you can climb in Ferrara ??? come and find out how and where

Deva Wall is the new climbing gym in Ferrara, a stone’s throw from the city center and the Hotel Annunziata.
The gym is the largest in Emilia Romagna with a structure of over 900 square meters and colorful spaces dedicated to climbing.
Deva Wall’s specialty is bouldering, one of the climbing disciplines, which allows you to climb 4.5 meter high walls without the need for a harness or rope because there are protective mattresses to cushion the fall.
The activities offered by Deva Wall are many: from climbing for 5-year-olds, for teenagers and adults, to activities for the elderly. Climbing, in fact, is a sport that not only helps you feel good physically but also mentally: it calms the mind and makes people more self-confident. For this reason, activities aimed at children and teenagers, who live in the most difficult period of their lives, in particular that of adolescence, are of particular importance, constantly swinging between doubts and insecurities.
The gym also offers courses and activities for people with physical and mental disabilities, making climbing a more inclusive sport.

But what makes Deva Wall truly special and unique is the “Non mollare la presa” project: it is a rehabilitation recovery for women with breast cancer, which exploits the benefits of horizontal climbing for both physical and mental well-being. The horizontal climbing, not being too invasive, allows a recovery of the muscles of the area affected by the tumor, without the risk of getting hurt and compromising the activity of the limbs. The name of the project also has, and above all, a psychological value and teaches that after a fall it is always possible to get up and start over.

A truly special place to spend an alternative day, freeing your mind and practicing physical activity.

Ginevra Borsetti