Published on: 14 July 2022


an enchantment and a still little known paradise

Why this article on SAURIS? Because I have an incredible passion and love for this remote village in Carnia. I tend to prefer not to tell it around a lot, even if in reality I often recommend it to my guests who I understand can both appreciate this place and take care of it. I don’t want to advertise too much because it has not yet been overwhelmed by tourism, because you can breathe the silence and listen to the purity of the air and the scent of the forest. Just think that there are practically no shops, only one tavern, very few mini restaurants, often inside tiny hotels. In Sauris you regain possession of your time, relaxation and your senses. My discovery dates back to the 90s and since then as soon as I can I escape and take refuge at the PLUME, with Luca and Raffa. They are spectacular, they manage this magnificent renovated stavolo in the heart of Sauris di Sotto, because Sauris is divided between Sotto and Sopra. Waking up at PLUEME is an experience: around 7.30 I smell the scent of hot croissants from my room and that is my sensory wake-up call. I go down to be among the first, but the Plueme is very small like real pearls, and I enjoy breakfast on their terrace overlooking the Sauris meadows. And here I feel not only the scent of the sweets prepared by Raffa but also that of the grasses of the meadows which then return in the aged cheeses of Sebastiano Crivellaro and in the craft beer of Sauris ZAHRE BEER, think of one of the very first craft beers in Italy made with spring water from these mountains. As I told you, the scent of herbs can be found in Sebastiano’s cheeses who have his ALTA MALGA CARNIA shop in the village where you can taste real goodies and those aromas and flavors you will never forget and will always accompany you in your memories of Sauris. But here, they have also recently opened a fantastic zip-line that divided into three sections takes you to fly over Lake Sauris with its blue color due to a particular seaweed. In summer, the walks in the woods are a return to the past, because they are practically deserted, you will not find bars for aperitifs or anything like that, but only some old hut that still produces cheeses and hot ricotta in copper pots with wood fire below. When you arrive they never deny you a taste of cheese, a few slices of salami and a glass of fantastic bulk wine but it all stops there. And that’s the beauty of him, at least for me. The stops in the middle of the high altitude meadows, with some cowbells in the background attached to the neck of the cow in free pasture, is something you will love and that you will miss during the long winters in the city. My memory then stops on the inevitable ZAHRE beer tasted before dinner at a table outside the Osteria LA PACE, just before having dinner here. I don’t want to go any further because if I made you fall in love with SAURIS then it is right that you discover all the other goodies directly but if you are curious and do not want to lose them you can write to me in private and I will reveal the others too.
At the end of this article, however, I will reveal a little thing: yesterday I heard from LUCA and I asked him how the season is going and he confessed to me that this year started badly because they have big problems with traffic. So I immediately thought of writing this post for two reasons: both to try to lend a hand to LUCA & RAFFA because they deserve it and secondly because those who have the privilege of being able to go to them will have, in their bad luck for the road network, the lucky to enjoy an enchanting place with even fewer people and therefore understand and understand the devastating beauty of this paradise lost in Carnia, a stone’s throw from Ferrara.
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Zeno, hotel manager & a happy dreamer