Published on: 28 July 2022


a memory linked to a sandwich

When I read the news on Facebook I didn’t believe it: La Cantinetta reopens. And reopens with its historic menu. Here then is that in the drawers of memories, most of my drawers contain memories related to the aromas, tastes and flavors of food and wine, PANO immediately comes to mind.
The PANO della CASA della Cantinetta is in its simplicity a sandwich, made with Tuscan bread. And I can’t tell you more but I just tell you that it is exquisite. That sandwich must be looked at, taken a bite and tasted inside those four historic walls. Because La Cantinetta has existed for many years. And it is the smells linked to those walls, to the historic furniture that make that bite of Pano enter your memories indelibly. My memory dates back to when I was a kid, when I went to eat a Pano with friends in the afternoon with Ciao. And as I told you before, there are many memories related to the sensations I felt in eating and tasting something incredibly simple but so good. And the platter of canapés is also part of the memories linked to this historic place. Now that it has reopened, I can’t help but go back and relive those feelings of a few decades ago. It is pure joy, for me, to read that such a historic place still continues its business, without distorting its strengths and introducing only a few small innovations perhaps linked more than anything else to the proposal of wines, always from the territory, but produced in a natural way, like what our grandparents did in the Ferrara countryside. Difficult wines, free-range but with that scent that has never left my head since then. I wanted to write these few lines about this reopening because surely the guest of my hotel will never find LA CANTINETTA mentioned in the tourist guides or glossy magazines because this is a simple, genuine, not trendy, typically “local” and which, for this very reason, deserves a visit and a stop. Here this would be one of the 10 things to do for those coming to Ferrara.

Zeno Govoni, hotel manager & a happy dreamer