Published on: 12 April 2022


... a unique grape variety expression of our territory

Ferrara Earth and Water…. & Russiola !!The official website of Tourist Information of the province of Ferrara is called“Ferrara Terra edAcqua”, because the origins of the city “sink” in the earth and in the water, just like the roots of avery rare, ancient and indigenous vine, in the heart ofancient Bosco Eliceo, in thePo Delta Valley,calledRussiola. Still rosé wine, probably the oldest grape in the area, whose vines are centuries oldandwhich at the same time produce a very delicate grape with a very thin skin; think,justa heavydew inthe ripening phase is enough to compromise the harvest. The entire production is around20 quintals of grapes per year that leads to the production of about 1,500 bottles a year, from avinification made by unifying two different productions, the only twoproductions of the wholeterritory. The wine produced from the Russiola grape takes the name of “Ursiola”, a basically acidicwine, particularly suitable to accompany fatty foods.Zeno, once hediscovered thisExcellency,heimmediately decided to offer itto hisGuests, who cangetit to taste a Local product or give it to their family or friends on their return. On the other hand,traveling also means tasting the typical local wines.