Published on: 28 April 2022

Goro Lighthouse & Ferrara’ Castle

two nights between art's city and the park of the po delta

In the tranquility of the Po Delta Park, along the mouth of one of the seven branches of the Po river (Goro’s Po) which flows into the northern Adriatic Sea, on the Island of Love, the Goro Lighthouse (built in 1950 to replace ‘nineteenth-century Old Lantern, about 22 meters high and surmounted by a lantern that creates a 10-mile beam of light) was recently renovated by the company Dieci Cento Mille Pensieri s.r.l. An entrepreneur, Erik Scabbia, transformed it into a tourism paradise after winning the state auction, beating the fierce competition of 17 other entrepreneurs. “I decided to participate in the auction to save this place from decay. Seeing such a marvel decay hurt my heart”, says Erik Scabbia, who after bureaucratic troubles has made his dream come true. Those who stop at the lighthouse will also find a beach with straw umbrellas. The Lighthouse also offers 5 double bedrooms, a restaurant and a beachbar. A truly suggestive place for its uniquenessed, in full synergy with the surrounding environment. So why not combine a visit or a stay at the Goro Lighthouse (with the sea in front of you and the peace of the Gorino valleys behind you) and a visit or a stay at the Hotel Annunziata, which is located in an enviable and privileged position, right in front of of the Estense Castle, in the heart of Ferrara?