Published on: 2 March 2022

Why Annunziata ?

In 1506, by order of the Duke Alfonso I d’Este, a large Beccheria was built in front of the church of San Giuliano (i.e. a butcher’s shop destined from the beginning to slaughtering cattle, sheep and selling meat), which occupied most of the current square. In the vicinity of the Beccheria, especially from the eighteenth century (and in fact the first document in which the building appears is dated 1797), numerous taverns and inns were built and laterally to it, there was an archivolt / overpass called the Annunziata, where it was located the building that became the Locanda dell’Annunziata. It is hypothesized that it derives its name from being placed in front of the bas-relief depicting the Archangel Gabriel and the Virgin announced on the facade of the church of San Giuliano, or that the name Annunciata derives from the fresco by Sebastiano Filippi placed on the facade of the Beccheria Grande. The current property, the Govoni family (Corrado, Simona and their sons Biancamaria and Zeno), took over the business and inaugurated their management on  March 25th, 1990, renovating the Hotel and offering 21 rooms to their guests, divided between 11 standard, 4 superior, 3 superior Castle View and 3 Castle View Suite.

Writed by MASSIMO BERSANI, receptionist Hotel Annunziata