Published on: 30 June 2022


independent brewery

Every now and then I treat myself to an excellent beer from my friend DAVIDE FRANCHINI of IL MOLO, the place that every beer lover would like to have in their city. One evening I notice among his refined cans some with labels so particular as to attract my attention and I ask him who they are and I discover that those cans and the beer inside are produced by a micro brewery right near Ferrara and more precisely in Ostellato. LIQUIDA – independent brewery is the name that Luca Drudi, Luca Tassinati and Christan Bertoni have dedicated to their dream that has come true. Luca is a character in the world of beer and was elected best brewer among the emerging in 2018. But the real added value that has allowed the creation of special beers is the passion that binds and is released by the two Luca and by Christian: this is the real engine. Then of course, as in all those who have great passion, there is also the desire to research quality. And also precisely in the labels we perceive the passion, the desire to experiment and quality. I am not an expert on beers, but I only tell you to visit their site, to follow them on social networks, with their creations and then if you have the opportunity when you are in Ferrara go and visit them. Then possibly one of their beers you can taste here at the Annunziata, perhaps sitting on a chair, in front of the hotel admiring the castle … and everything will be even more wonderful and beautiful.
Zeno, hotelier & a happy dreamer