Published on: 27 June 2022


a year long wait

Every year I always wait with great patience but with the same desire for the right time to ripen and harvest the mussels from OSTERIA ARCADIA as soon as possible.
Because? Simply because from the first time I was lucky enough to taste the mussels collected and grown by the husband of Pamela, owner of Arcadia, that taste, that flavor, that richness of aromas have never left me. The memory is so vivid that sometimes just closing my eyes comes back to me perfectly.
And why not always taste them? Because they only collect them at the best time from mid-May to mid-July. Afterwards, you will no longer find mussels on the Osteria’s menu. So a real delicacy to which Pamela dedicates a special part of the menu that takes the name of MENU ‘DELLA COZZERIA.
I love mussels in green with parsley and garlic sauce but Pamela writes in a post: ”… We are in full season to taste the mussel dop, the only true Italian Consortium of Protection of the Cozza Di Scardovari Dop. This is one of the many dop mussels dish that Arcadia offers every day Sautéed mussels with “fasoi in tecia” and crouton. Believe me, a real lust ”
If she says so, believe it !!! and remember: this moment is worth a year’s wait and lasts only a few days but to get the best products you need time, waiting like a good wine or a good aged cheese.
Zeno, hotelier & a happy dreamer